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Our original Holy Bible & Sacred Scripture had Hebrew Names

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Can You Recognize These Hebrew Biblical Names and Words?

Halleluyah—which means let us praise Yah. 

Kumbayah—which means come by here Yah. 

Halleluyah or Hallelujah—means let us praise Yah.

Yeremiyahu—Jeremiah which means May Yah lift up. 

Yehsayahu—Isaiah which means salvation of Yah. 

Nehemyahu—Nehemiah which means Yah has consoled.

Obadyahu—Obadiah which means worshipper of Yah. 

Zephanyahu—Zephaniah which means protected by Yah. 

Zecaryahu—Zechariah which means remembrance of Yah. 

Malakyahu—Malachi which means messenger of Yah. 

Yahudah—Jude which means I will praise Yah. 

Yahochanan—Refers to John meaning Yah is merciful. 

Micahyah—Micah which means who is like Yah. 

Amos—Amos which means corroborated by Yah. 

Yahoel—Joel which means Yah is our strength.

Ezra—Ezra which means help. 

Eliyahu—Elijah is the mighty one. Hoshea—Hosea which means salvation.

Mattithyahu—Matthew which means gift of Yah.

Yahshua/ Yahawahshi—Yah saves

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It‘s so hard to believe the Bibles that we hold in high esteem are in error in giving

us the real Hebrew names  and that our theologians refuse to tell us the true ones— giving centuries of support to substitutions of the real names. 

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